Madam Bee

Madam Bee Honey Combo - 1kg Natural, 1kg Wild & 400g Creamed

Madam Bee


Madam Bee Honey Combo - 1kg Natural, 1kg Wild & 400g Creamed

 Natural Honey

This is our medium dark blend that has captured the natural flavours of its inland region of NSW. 

The taste is raw and real with a buttery sweetness that will compliment your toast or be used to glaze vegetables.

It is slightly ever changing  and totally dependent on the mixed floral source the bees are gathering at the time.

She is a delicious and sophisticated honey with traces of Apple box, iron bark and stringybark. 


Wild Honey

Our lighter golden "Wild" hails from Inland and remote regions of northern NSW and the great dividing range (the other side. The great side) 

The flavour is sweet, smooth and with a creamy texture that will see you wanting to always add just a little more to your spoon. 

This blend is derived from mixing our white box and yellow box (Eucalyptus alben and Eucalyptus Melliodora )  - A perfect combination and delicious table honey.



This is our family secret and I cannot tell you too much..however I can tell you that our creamed is 100% Australian honey that has been whipped with love.

We use no Dairy in our creamed honey and  it has taken years of trial and error to finally come to this blend.

Smooth, sweet and extremely naughty you will find that this will not last long and will need to be hidden from you and family.

This is the perfect compliment to our table honey and can be enjoyed on a spoon or smothered on fresh hot bread.